Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 About this tutorial

Step by Step I assembles in one place the tutorials I have been using to teach and apply to practice simple, multiple and hierarchical linear models. This file is a working document and will be regularly updated with reviews and new contents.

1.2 What’s coming Next

  • Multiple linear models with categorical predictors (same as ANOVAs);
  • Multiple linear models with both categorical and metric predictors (same as ANCOVAs);
  • Multiple linear models with interaction terms (same as moderation analysis).

1.3 About me

My name is Sérgio. I have a PhD in Social Psychology, I am a consultant on social issues in major development induced projects, and I teach Applied Psychology and Research Methods at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lisbon, and Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. I am interested in Social Impact Assessment, Stakeholders Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research Ethics and Data Analysis with R and RMD. More details about my professional activity are available in my homepage.