2.1 Evening sessions

Our evening sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 at the clubhouse. We’ll try to get there a bit earlier than that in case people want to use the kitchen/kettle/microwave to grab some food before we start.

Our plans for the evening sessions will be somewhat flexible depending on the weather. A tentative plan is outlined below (*=club committee meeting, so we may need to be on the river):

Date Likely topics to cover
14 May (Classroom) Introduction, planning, tides and weather
21 May (River) Forward paddling, turning, towing
28 May (River, wet session) Personal kit, Edging, Braces, Rescues
4 June* (Classroom) Planning, buoyage [Last session before Dorset trip]
11 June (River) Boat handling skills
18 June (River, wet session?) - practice boat handling and rescues
25 June (Classroom) Planning exercise, safety kit, dealing with mishaps

We’ll confirm whether we’re planning a classroom session or a session on the river (and whether we expect to be getting wet) by email ahead of each session.

We anticipate that some people may need to miss the occasional evening session. Please let us know if you won’t be able to make it along. We’ll make a plan for you to catch up on whatever we were planning to cover (hopefully these notes will help with that!).