This book is the web version of “Remote sensing algorithms to retrieve SPM and CDOM in Québec coastal waters”. It intend to be a comprehensive go-through on the analysis performed during this research. Any software (code) include in this book is licensed under the term of GNU (I have to precise which one …) and can be copied, reused, modified, and distributed under the term of the same license. However, the data analyzed here was acquired at a great cost of human and funding effort and his at least in some part the propriety of the Aquatel lab of UQAR. All the data presents here and in the related dashboard and/or linked pages, should not be copied, downloaded, taken, and modified or redistribute in any way (until further notice or specific agreement).

This database dashboard present all the data subject to the present analysis. An inclusion is present under to show the technical possibility offered by the knitr package but is not the most convenient. As noted in bookdown website, a miniUI would be more relevant for this kind of technic.