Chapter 9 Working with real data

Chapter 9 of your book works with multiple files of a project that used the Autism Quotient…..for better or worse. This is a good opportunity for you to attempt to work with data and measures you are unfamiliar with. Consider this a novel challenge, as if someone has approched you with this data and your task is to understand it, work with it, and visually represent it eventually. We don’t do all of that in this chapter, but so much of becoming proficient with a tool is using it and messing up and trying again. The book will give you instructions, but will not walk you though things you are already familiar with.

9.1 Goals

  • Review forward and reverse coding

  • Set up your workspace

  • Use your skills to create the appropriate objects

  • introduction to wide/long formatting

9.2 Tasks

Task 1: Familiarize

Read section 9.1 to familiarize yourself with the AQ and the way it is scored. We will be working with the dataset for a while so it is worth your time.

Task 2: Set up your workspace

Complete 9.2-9.5. These few sections will take you through reading in your data, setting up r markdown etc. Normal stuff.

Task 3: Wide/Long format

Complete 9.6-9.8. It’s a bit of reading about what happens when you change something from wide format to long format and how you can make r do tedious work for your if you are able to think through the problem. Please engage with the content because it is a very powerful use of these tools and could save you tons of time.