Chapter 6 Data Wrangling Practice

This chapter of the book is just more practice data wrangling using the Wickam 6 we learned in the previous chapter. I encourage you to actively think about how to do things, do not copy and paste. Test yourself, then use their code to check your work. You will need lots of practice using these functions and thinking about how to apply them to a dataset of your own by the end of this class, so pay attention to what each function does and the syntax rules associated with it.Continue to use # to write notes about what you are intending to do with each function so you can do it independently when you need to.

6.1 Goals

  • Practice all the skills you learned so far

6.2 Tasks

Task 1: Practice all of the stuff

Complete 6.2 through 6.8. Again, consider this a test of your skills because we are moving to ggplot next.