Chapter 8 Visualization Application

Chapter 8 of your text shifts to a format it mostly adopts moving forward, one of less hand holding and a lot more try it yourself. It will give you instructions and you are expected to be able to apply your previous knowledge to complete the instructions. This is kind of hard! It’s ok to go back and read other chapters and I encourage you to struggle a little if it’s difficult……troubleshooting is a part of this whole thing. BUT, if it gets too frustrating check out the solutions at the end of the chapter.

8.1 Goals

  • Open stub file and set working directory

  • Load in the relevant programs, read csv’s, merge dataframes

  • select variables of interest

  • Create a scatterplot in ggplot

    • change color, add axis names
  • Add a line of best fit to your scatterplot

  • mutate some of your variables to factors

  • Represent multiple groups in your scatterplot

8.2 Tasks

Task 1: Setting up your workspace

Complete sections 8.1-8.2.

Task 2: Make a Scatterplot

Try to complete 8.4-8.5. Remember solutions are available at the end of the chapter if you get too frustrated.

Task 3: Changing category

Complete 8.5 to change some variables from numeric to factors

Task 4: Representing groups

Complete 8.6 so your scatterplot shows group membership

Task 5: Putting it together

Complete 8.7 to put all of the things we learned this unit into practice.