Chapter 4 Products

4.1 Mentorship Program Management

  • How to match mentors and mentees
    • Revisit the method used to match and whether other factors should be considered
    • Form a survey team to create a qualtrics survey and perform the matching process
    • Work to match along 5 dimensions:
      1. area of professional interest
      2. hometown
      3. undergrad major/minor
      4. part/full time
      5. academic/applied
  • Duration or partnership between mentee and mentor
    • The minimum mandatory term for each mentor/mentee partnership is one academic year (Fall through Spring)
    • Spring admits will be assigned a mentor by the Mentorship Coordinator
  • Involvement of professors in mentor program beyond the two Faculty Advisors
    • Minimum of 3 meetings between mentors and mentees:
      • Meeting 1: Individual Development Plan
      • Meeting 2: I/O related event
      • Meeting 3: formal/informal event