1 Introduction to data, variation, and distributions

In this unit, you will learn about data, and the fundamental idea behind statistics: data have variation.

Because data vary, a data set is distributed across a range of values. A distribution is the primary object that statisticians work with. You will learn how to describe and summarize distributions, including summarizing the “typical” value of a distribution and quantifying the variation in a distribution. Together, these help us determine the likely values in a distribution.

Finally, you will learn how to summarize the ways in which the distribution of one variable may be associated with another.

Outline and goals of Unit 1

The following schematic outlines the course readings and in-class activities for Unit 1.

Unit outline
1.1     🔨   Truck braking
1.2     🔨   Describing distributions
1.3     📖   Describing distributions
1.4     🔨   Football kicking contest
1.5     📖   The mean and standard deviation
1.6     🔨   Statsical association
1.7     📖   Statistical association
1.8     📖   Linear regression
1.9     🔨   Review activity: Happiness
1.10     📖   Unit 1 summary