3.6 Activity: Introduction to estimation: Monday Breakups

In a previous course activity, we found that breakups are more likely to happen on Mondays. But just how likely are Monday breakups? In this activity, you will address the following question,

What proportion of breakups are reported on Mondays?

The evidence we have comes from a sample. In a random sample of 50 breakups on Facebook, 26% were reported on Monday. The research question, though, is about all breakups reported on Facebook, not just the breakups in the sample. Thus, we are interested in estimating a population parameter (the proportion of all breakups reported to Facebook) based on a sample.

Sample: Random sample of 50 breakups reported to facebook.

Population: All breakups reported to facebook

In this activity we’ll explore how statisticians go about estimating a population parameter using data from a sample.

3.6.1 Estimation intuitions

To start with, we’ll explore your intuitions about estimation. In this activity, you will address the following questions,

What is the best estimate for the population paramater? What other estimates are compatible with our sample?

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3.6.1: Monday breakups: Estimation intuitions
  • We use the term population parameter to refer to the value that we want to estimate in the population. For example, the proportion of all breakups on facebook that are reported on Monday.
  • We use the term sample statistic to refer to observed result in the sample. For example, the proportion of Monday breakups in the random sample.