Chapter 7 Learn more

Want to continue learning R and statistics? Great! Here are some resources.

7.1 Books

(Many of these are available as bookdown books on the web!)

7.1.1 R/data science

More suggestions from the tidyverse page

7.1.2 Statistics/modeling

  • Ismay and Kim (2021)
  • James et al. (2013) or Friedman et al. (2001)
  • Baumer, Kaplan, and Horton (2017)

7.2 Online learning/courses

7.3 Videos

Less interactive, but maybe you want to watch awesome talks about R.

7.4 Blogs, etc

  • Simply Statistics, blog by Roger Peng, Jeff Leek, and Rafa Irizarry
  • Not so standard deviations (soundcloud, or, wherever you get your podcasts) podcast by Hilary Parker and Roger Peng
  • R Weekly open-sourced aggregator of all things R

7.5 Twitter!

Who to follow:


7.6 Communities

You may want a physical or online place to go to learn more, ask questions, and get support.

7.6.1 Online

7.6.2 “Physical”


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James, Gareth, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, and Robert Tibshirani. 2013. An Introduction to Statistical Learning. Vol. 112. Springer.

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