3.2 Data collection in class

Data of different types can be obtained from your class quickly and easily:

  • Numerical discrete:
    • Number of siblings/brothers/sisters
    • Number of Facebook friends
    • Number of unread emails
  • Numerical quantitative:
    • Hours of phone usage in the past week/month (often recorded by the phone);
    • Age
    • Time taken to perform some simple task
  • Categorical nominal (includes yes/no questions):
    • Country/state born
    • How you came to school today
    • Wear glasses or not
    • Did you eat any vegetables for dinner last night?
  • Categorical ordinal (numerical data can be grouped to form ordinal data too):
    • Age group
    • Season in which you were born
    • Answers to survey questions on an ordinal scale (‘How much do you like Justin Bieber’s music?’: A lot; A little; It’s just OK; Hate it)