A.9 House prices in Melbourne

These data gives the selling prices of houses in Melbourne from 03 September 2016 to 24 February 2018, as scraped by Tony Pino from https://Domain.com.au, and provided on Kaggle. We have removed some variables.

The data contains 20 variables:

  1. Suburb: The suburb of Melbourne
  2. Address: The property address
  3. Rooms: The number of bedrooms (but see Bedrooms2)
  4. Type: The type of property:
    • h means a house;
    • br a bedroom;
    • u a unit or duplex;
    • t a townhouse;
    • dev site a development site;
    • o res other residential
  5. Price: The selling price
  6. Method: The method of sale: see Kaggle
  7. Date: The sale date
  8. Distance: The distance from the CBD (in kilometres)
  9. Postcode: The property postcode
  10. Bedroom2: The number of bedrooms from an alternative source (also see Rooms)
  11. Bathroom: The number of bathrooms
  12. Car: The number of car spots
  13. Landsize: The land size in square metres
  14. BuildingArea: The building size in square metres
  15. YearBuilt: Year the house was built
  16. CouncilArea: The governing council for the area
  17. Lattitude: The latitude
  18. Longtitude: The longitude
  19. Regionname: The general region (West, North West, North, etc.)
  20. Propertycount: The number of properties that exist in the suburb.

The data set contains 34,857 observations. Some values are missing. Below, we give the subset of the data used in the article.

To download: Click here.