Chapter 4 Physical and Structural Requirements for TF

4.1 TF Locations

The TF is located at three sites across the campus of the University of Otago (See Figure 4.1). It encompasses the following sites

  • Site 1 is located in the Geology Department at 360 Leith Street, Dunedin and consists of the following rooms.See Appendix 5.12
  1. GS02
  2. GS05
  • Site 2 is located in a warehouse at 51 Clyde Street, Dunedin. See Appendix 5.13
  • Site 3 is located at 90 Leith Walk, Dunedin and consists of room B19 Sediment Geochemistry Prep Laboratory

Figure 4.1: Transitional Facility Laboratory Locations

4.2 Offical Signage

The TF must have signage that complies with section 2.3 of TFGEN