Chapter 3 Introduction

This Manual details the procedures used by the Otago Marine Sediment Core Facility to ensure that it is operating in compliance with the MPI Standards.

3.1 Facility Details

Facility Name Otago Marine Core Sediment Facility
Facility Postal Address PO Box 54, Dunedin, 9054
Facility Registration Number 18912
Facility Physical Address 51 Clyde St, North Dunedin

3.2 Function of the Facilty

The Department of Geology is part of the University of Otago and is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. In some cases the department undertakes research involving the analysis of uncleared risk goods including; soil, rock, gravel, sand, clay from any other country. Hence the facility has been registered as both a holding and processing facility.

3.4 MPI Contact Details

MPI Purpose Contact email
Pest and Disease Hotline For reporting live animals, spiders, insects or contamination 0800 80 99 66
MPI Sample Inspections To request a booking with MPI to release samples from facility 03 9514 707
MPI Target Evaluation General Enquiries Importing goods, general enquiries 09 909 3030, select Opt. 2 then Opt. 1
Facility Enquiries General enquiries 0800 222 018 select Opt. 5
Facility Enquiries Local enquiries 03 9514 707

3.5 Changes in TF Management

I agree to notify MPI in the event the management of the Transitional Facility changes in staffing due to resignation or reassignment of the existing operator