Chapter 4 The Rescue

“I better keep this safe,” I said. And I put the command block and the other crystals and gems into an undectabale lair.

6 Days later…

Herobrine said, “Welcome back. Did you get it?”

“No,” Cindy said.

Elder said, “I don’t know where it is, but I know that Beckett stole it.”

Herobrine said, “All right, Elder, now I’m going to see if I sense it.” Herobrine used his magical powers to find a powerful crystal. “Nothing,” he said.

Cindy said, “Maybe it’s the undetectable block.”

At my base…

With the crystals safe in an undetectable lair, I teleported to get my friends back. I got Felix out of prison using the teleportation gem. Then the alarm went off. An Enderman army came, but I teleported and got a good magic jar. I dumped the magic on Malek’s dead body.

Malek woke up and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

That is when I teleported everyone out.