Chapter 3 The command block

Malek and I trained for seven days, and then I went to a village to pass out flyers to every house. The flyers said, “Herobrine is back, and we need help!” The next day a toolsmith named Aden and a weaponsmith named Bob came to help me. We followed the map and when we got to the command block tower Herobrine was going up the stairs.

Herobrine said, “Malek, why are you working with Beckett?”

Malek said, “I like him better than you!”

Malek teleported us up to the top of the tower where the command block was. Herobrine teleported himself up to the command block also. Herobrine knocked me back, and then fought with Malek. When I got back up, I threw Herobrine off the tower.

Herobrine said, “Nooooo!”

Malek said, “Great job.”

I said, “The command block runs on magic, Malek. But, I think you’ll die if you give the command block all your magic.”

Malek said, “Remember me when I’m gone,” and gave all his magic away.

I said, “Nooooooooo!”

And then I said, “I will get Malek and Felix back.”