Chapter 6 King Creeper

There – on a throne – was King Creeper. He was green and black, wearing a crown on his head, and he had no arms. King Creeper used to be in charge of everything. Now even zombies do not want him. He feels like dying.

King Creeper said, “I live down here alone with my fellow creepers; not even a zombie needs me.”

I said, “You can be on my team.”

He said, “Do you need me?”

I said, “Yes.”

We left the cave and took King Creeper with his fellow creepers back to our base.


When we returned to our base, King Creeper told us this story,

“I left the tower to fight players. I ran and ran until I fell into a cave, and I never came out again!”

King Creeper’s fellow creepers didn’t like where this was going. They did not want King Creaper to join the rebellion, so they decided to kill him. They all decided to blow up my base. So they did…3-2-1-BOOM!!