Chapter 1 He Returns

One day I was exploring when I saw a witch flying down and was heading towards my base! The witch was too fast. She got past the iron golems. I said, “It must be Cindy – the best witch around!”

She got someone out of prison then Cindy gave him magic. That someone is Herobrine. When I got back they were gone and all of my stuff was gone too! I went to Felix’s house, and said, “Felix?”

Then Herobrine popped up and said, “I took Felix and blew up your base, and I disabled all portals. Ha, ha, ha!”

At Herobrine’s base in the End…

Herobrine was with:

  • Elder the elder guardian,
  • Endy the ender dragon,
  • Will the wither,
  • and Cindy the witch.

Cindy said, “Finally we got the command block map of power.”

While they were chatting an enderman was listening without permission.