Welcome to our Science Investigations (Sci-I) Project Development & Implementation Guide. This document provides an overview of how we developed and implemented the Sci-I Project from 2015-18 through the Polar-ICE grant funded by the National Science Foundation Polar Division (Grant #PLR-1525635).

Because our funding source was related to the polar regions, we had a polar emphasis of content throughout our implementation of the project. However, the Sci-I Project can be run with any content focus area. Therefore, this document shares the necessary DYI details to lead your own version of the program, with all examples provided from our polar perspective!

Our hope is that LTER Education Coordinators, education leads at informal science centers, school/district science supervisors, and others can leverage our lessons learned and start your own versions of the Sci-I Project in your area. We invite you to join us!

Sincerely, Kristin Hunter- Thomson, Jacoby Baker, Janice McDonnell, Pam Van Dyk, and the rest of the Polar-ICE team