1 Introduction

The current project involved Generation Proxy Selection Mapping of swine and was the first of a series of projects completed by Caleb J. Grohmann as a part of his PhD program in Bioinformatics. Key collaborators on this project included Dr. Jared Decker (PhD advisor) and Dr. Tim Safranski (secondary advisor) from the University of Missouri - Columbia, and Dr. Clint Schwab (mentor/advisor), Dr. Caleb Shull (mentor/advisor), and Dr. Tamar Crum (data management/geneticist) from The Maschhoff’s LLC. All relevant data files were uploaded to a shared Box folder (Dr. Decker, Caleb, and Dr. Crum) by Dr. Crum and downloaded to Caleb’s local machine on September 9, 2020. All data analysis and communication of results was completed by Caleb J. Grohmann thereafter.