2 Package structure

rdwd is designed around 5 main functions:

  • selectDWD: select time series data, needing:

    • station id or name, see chapters interactive map and station selection
    • res/var/per, see available options in chapter available datasets
      • temporal resolution (res = 1/10 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, annual)
      • variables (var = temperature, rain, wind, sun, clouds, etc)
      • observation period (per = historical long term records or the current year)
    • index of files on the FTP server (fileIndex), see chapter fileIndex
  • nearbyStations: alternative to selectDWD for a given lat/lon location

  • dataDWD: download a file (or multiple files), without re-downloads for existing files

  • readDWD: read that data into R (handling all the various file formats)

  • plotRadar: visualize all raster data types nicely on a projected map

For time series there is no overarching plotting funtion and raster data must as of yet be selected manually.