World Teachers

Progressive Revelation Since Atlantis

It would be impractical to enumerate the relatively few truths that guided humanity’s development in ancient Atlantis; nonetheless, it should be noted that these truths form the foundational bedrock of all subsequent teachings.

This compilation, adaptation and extension of the material found in Alice A. Bailey book “The Reappearance of the Christ” does not represent a comprehensive analysis or complete statement on the progressive revelation of ideas imparted by great and illumined minds to humanity. These World Teachers, distinct from many lesser Teachers, have mastered life within the three realms of human evolution—physical, emotional, and mental. They have achieved control over their physical consciousness, emotional nature, and attained mental understanding and ultimately enlightenment.

Historically, the approach has involved identifying the major factors lacking in humanity’s perception of reality at any given time and recognizing which divine truths possess the seeds of living activity suitable for humanity’s particular condition, requiring specific types of assistance. They must also determine the most effective way to present this help, ensuring its lasting, cultural, and effective impact. Traditionally, World Teachers of each period formulated these concepts and introduced them to a selected few whose task was to disseminate the newly presented idea among those enlightened enough to accept, spread, live by, and popularize it. This process has been ongoing for ages with varying degrees of success.