Chapter 7 Quest for FREEDOM

The Quest for FREEDOM in a New World Order

(preliminary stages to be be kept fluid and experimental)

  • Will meet the immediate need of humanity.
  • Will be appropriate to a world in crisis.
  • Will lay the foundation for a future world order (the order of the Kingdom of God under the physical supervision of the World Teacher).
  • Will be founded on the recognition that all humans are equal in origin and goal, but at differing stages of evolutionary development; personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership.
  • Will be governed by those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that the individual is left free.
  • Will be founded on an active sense of responsibility. The rule will be “all for one and one for all.”
  • Will not impose a uniform type of government, a synthetic religion and a system of standardization upon the nations. Only in the field of education should there be an attempt to produce UNITY: teach non-separateness and promote world citizenship).
  • Will recognize that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belong to no one nation but should be shared by all.
  • Will plan for a gradual but steady enforcement of disarming all nations.

These foundations must be preserved inviolate, but the intermediate processes and the experimentations would be carried out by leaders who can adapt the ideals while preserving the spirit of the original ideas.