Chapter 6 From Pisces to Aquarius

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  • ENA 57: The keynote of the new education is essentially right interpretation of life past and present and its relation to the future of mankind; the keynote of the new religion must and should be right approach to God, transcendent in nature and immanent in man, whilst the keynote of the new science of politics and of government will be right human relations and for these education must prepare the child.

  • ENA 113: … the major trends, the wide sweep of the emerging human consciousness, demanding—as it ceaselessly does—a change in education, religion and social organization commensurate with its unfoldment… and progressively marching on to fuller Self-government and group organization and synthesis.

  • EP I, 179-80: In the final analysis, the main problem of world government is the wise use of ideas. It is here that the power of speech makes itself felt, just as in the department of religion or of education the power of the written word, of the printed page, is felt.