Chapter 9 Book Chapters


  • Separateness: the underlying cause of the crisis of Humanity
  • The Story of Arjun, a Hero’s Journey
  • Announcing Extraordinary Planetary Events: Impacts of Shamballa and the Centennial Councils
  • A Disciple Visits Shamballa
  • The Language of the Heart
  • First Major Theme: Two Recognitions (God Immanent, God Transcendent)

9.1 The Evolution of Consciousness

  • Teilhard’s Omega Point, and Hylozoism
  • Five Stages of Evolution of Consciousness
    • The Need for Divine Contact
    • The Ancient Mystery Schools
      • The Great Initiates
      • The Pythagoreans
    • Future Schools of Initiation
  • Cosmic Consciousness -A Journey to Uncover the Mysteries of Cosmic Consciousness

9.2 The Golden Chain

The Golden Chain of the Ageless Wisdom and World Cycles

  • Chain of Spiritual Knowledge

  • Origins of the Ageless Wisdom

  • Essential Themes and Core Ideas

  • The Ageless Wisdom in Modern Spirituality

  • World Cycles and Archetypal Cosmology

  • Jungian Synchronicity: Bridging the Gap Between Inner and Outer Reality

  • The Cosmic Clock: Synodic Cycles of Outer Planets

  • World Cycles in Recent History (1892, 1960, 1993, 2013)

9.3 The Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy

  • Wilber’s theory of human development
  • Initiation: from probationary stages to Adeptship
  • Initiates, Adepts and Masters of Wisdom
  • The Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings and its Importance for Evolution
    • The Founding of the Hierarchy
    • The Structure of the Hierarchy
    • The Three Main Departments
  • Tasks of Certain Masters
    • Spiritism and Spiritualism
    • Spiritualism and Research on Near-Death Experiences

9.4 The New Group of World Servers

  • The New Group of World Servers: A Beacon of Hope for Humanity
  • Aligning with Evolving Needs and Challenges
  • The Founding of the New Group of World Servers
    • Chronology of Events
    • Aquarian Pledge
    • Mantra of the NGWS
  • Three Major Activities and Seven Primary Fields of Service (overview)

9.5 The Great Council

The Great Council of 2025 in SHAMBALLA
  • Shamballa and the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy

  • Impacts and Councils of Shamballa in the Context of World Cycles

    • The Past Five Impacts of Shamballa (Lemuria, Atlantis, 1825, 1975, 2000)
    • Centennial Council of 1825
    • Centennial Council of 1925
    • Prelude to the Centennial Council of 2025
    • The 2025 Review of the Plan
      • The Quest for Freedom in a New World Order
      • Proposed Laws and Principles for World Government
        • The Four Freedoms
  • The Evolution of Spiritual Teaching into the Aquarian Age HPB, AAB, VBA

9.6 World Situation Today

The World Situation Today (I)

Top 12 Problems Impacting Humanity Today

  • The Rise of Authoritarianism
  • The Threat of Nuclear Arms in the World
  • The United Nations
    • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • Values to Live By

The Hierarchical Stance on the World Situation Today

  • A Threefold Problem: Overcoming Ignorance, Evil, and Fear
  • The Three Practical and Scientific Truths
  • The Three Recognitions That Will Save the World
The World Situation Today (II)

As the current world situation suggests, the world is not yet ready for a next spiritual dispensation. It is in such context that the figure of Vicente Beltrán-Anglada (1915-1988) emerges to introduce the Threefold Hierarchical Project, the part of the Hierarchical Plan tasked to the Ashram in which he is an accepted disciple, in this period of transition.

The Threefold Hierarchical Project

  • Recognition of the Kingdom of SHAMBALLA
  • Revelation of the MOTHER of the World, the Kingdom of Angels, considering it the potential energy of creation
  • Service to Humanity through Organized Planetary (White) MAGIC
    • Dr. Radin’s Real Magic
    • The Magic of Evocation: the Great Invocation
    • Practical Application: Triangles

9.7 The Seven Blunders of Humanity

The Seven Blunders of Humanity

  • The Crucial Role of Principles in Politics
  • The Interplay between Knowledge and Character in Education
  • The Repercussions of Commerce Without Morality
  • Pleasure Without Conscience: An Examination of Hedonistic Behaviors
  • Pursuing Science and Technology Without Humanity
  • The Interplay of Faith, Worship, and Action: A Path to Spiritual Growth
  • Navigating Beyond Wealth Without Work
    • The Liberating Effects of Technology
    • The Magical Work of the Soul

9.8 Seven Fields of Service

  1. Government: The Urgency of Political Moderation in the USA and Worldwide

  2. Education in the New Age: A Transformative View of Education

  3. Economics: A New Way of Relating Capital, Labor, and Employment for Equitable Wealth Distribution

  4. Arts and a Culture: Nicholas Roerich’s Art, Banner of Peace

  5. Science and Technology: Towards a New Scientific Method, Artificial Intelligence

  6. Religion: New World Religion, Four Teachings

  7. Spiritualizing Matter: The Re-enchantment Project (Weber, Morris)

9.9 Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

  • Plato’s Republic Revisited (and Reconstructed)

    • Modern Vision of Plato’s Perfect State
  • Rethinking liberty, equality, and fraternity (by Master D.K.)

  • The PROPHECY: Master D.K.’s 1948 account of the Ashrams involved in the externalization of the Hierarchy

9.10 Questions for the Council

Some questions for clarification in any “future teaching around the year 2025” -EA 589

“In the next century and early in the century an Initiate will appear and will carry on this teaching. It will be under the same”impression,” for my task is not yet completed and this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run.” -RI 255

Among the topics:

  • Political (UN, Russia, Zionism, Brexit, NATO, Ukraine, China, Latin America)
  • New World Religion and Judaism
  • Culture (gender identity, abortion, reproductive rights and technologies)
  • A Patriarchal Hierarchy? Feminine Principle (Mother of the World)
  • Divine intervention for nuclear conflagration
  • The Manu and the current and coming generations (Sixth Root Race)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Extraterrestrial intelligences
  • How to adapt the new spiritual dispensation to generational cohorts (Boomers, X, Millennials, Z, Alpha) and their characteristics
    • The applicability or limitations of the concept of generations outside the United States

Proposed Position Papers:

  • Reverse Causation Fallacy and LGBTQ Mental Health: An Academic Perspective
  • Social Media and Sexual Identity Formation Among the Younger Generation: Trends, Implications, and Impact
  • Reinserting the Ageless Wisdom into Modern Relationships and Societal Structures: Balancing Universal Principles and Progressive Views

Final Remarks

Recapitulation of major themes (language of the heart)

Actionable content:

  • The Great Invocation formula
  • Strengthening the Hands of the Group of World Servers: the Immediate Future (7 fields)
  • Triangles Radio

By human hands, by human feet…


  • Glossary

  • Understanding the First Cause: Exploring Geometry and Spirituality

  • The Three Fundamentals and Their Manifestation (developing the concepts of the 7 rays from fundamentals without reference to esoteric psychology)