Chapter 5 Major Themes

Three Major Themes

  • God Transcendent and God Immanent

  • Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy

  • New Group of World Servers

5.1 First Major Theme

“Having pervaded the universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.” (BG, 10.42)

Two Recognitions:

  • The probability that randomness created this majestic universe, and that chance is the main driver of its evolution, is nil. There is a Higher Intelligence — and a Plan — driving its evolution. Some call this Higher Intelligence Transcendent God.

  • Still, there is a place for trial and error, or chance, in the universe: the freedom of a fragment of such Higher Intelligence to experiment, to experience and to express its true design — inner and outer — adapting the Plan. This fragment Leibnitz called Monad; modern science calls fractal; others call Immanent God.

5.2 Second Major Theme

The Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy

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5.3 Third Major Theme

New Group of World Servers (NGWS)

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5.3.1 NGWS: Four Major Divisions

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