Chapter 2 Preliminary Definitions

Words both reveal and conceal. Therefore, it is advisable to clarify some core concepts of the science and art of esoteric healing.

  • To heal [from hal, whole] is to make sound or whole, whereas esoteric [from Greek, eso = within, esoteriko] means “from within.” Therefore, esoteric healing may be defined as “making sound from within,” that is, to restore health by means of sound or vibrational energy emanating from the soul, the inner dimension of being.

  • Soul (psycho-) centric healing, is the release of the original sound or the encrypted word inherent in the soul so that its life can flow through any particular form.

  • Disease is disharmony, a point of friction or dissonance created by the form’s resistance to the soul’s life energy.

  • The Ohm’s Law of Electricity may be reformulated in terms of Light (current), Love (voltage) and Life (energy or power): the electromotive force of love, the voltage generated by a source of energy, transforming material resistance into light, resulting in the lightness of being.

  • The healer is a transmitter of spiritual energy seeking to correctly apply the electromotive force of the soul within a resisting form.

  • The patient [from Latin pati, pain] refers to the one “bearing pains calmly” until the soul overcomes the resistance of the form and a healthy equilibrium of the soul-infused personality is restored.

  • Love is the coherent force which makes all things whole.

  • Thought is the propulsive complement of the attractive force of love. Thought carries light, the very substance of things hoped for. Enlightened love is a material substance as real as life itself.

Five centuries ago, the facts accepted by the geocentric model were the same facts considered by the heliocentric model. Likewise, the facts accepted by the current reductionistic biomedical model are the same facts considered by the trained esoteric healer. The difference lies on how each model interprets the same facts.

If a concept is a unit of thought, a fact is a unit of conscious experience. A fact is an experience structured by some perceiving consciousness.The broader the scope of the perceiving consciousness, the more inclusive its model of reality.

The esoteric healing model includes the biomedical model as the heliocentric model includes the geocentric, and as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity includes the Newtonian Laws of classical mechanics. A relativistic correction factor reconciled the older with the newer model. Likewise, a correction factor -the constant of the soul as the source of light and love in the human being- reconciles the biomedical and the esoteric healing models.

Physicists have released the energy of the atom by nuclear fission. The healer releases the energy of the soul by a process of (cold) fusion in the purified chamber of the heart. Scientific esoteric healing is the scientific process of releasing the energy of the soul by bringing into a close and healing rapport the healer, the patient and the soul as the reservoir of spiritual energy.