Chapter 1 Introduction

“The intertwining of the natural (the explainable) and supernatural, defined as the unexplainable, in the interpretation of suffering and disease has been at the heart of the healing professions from time immemorial. Despite advances in science and technology, an element of the divine —faith-based beliefs— continues to bleed into evidence-based medical practices, and inevitably must play a role in curative rituals.” -The Physician and Faith by Thomas S. Helling, MD, FACS

The purpose of this introductory study guide to the Alice A. Bailey book on Esoteric Healing is to outline some general principles underlying the ancient art and science of healing. There are seven basic premises held by the author of this guide that, in all fairness to the reader, should precede our consideration of this vast subject.

  • First, truth is the absolute criterion of reality. Simply stated: the true is real; the untrue is not.

  • Second, two ways to approach the real are: i) the heart approach, well represented by the poets, and ii) the head approach, well represented by the scientists of the world. We need the synthetic heart thinking approach to truly understand healing.

  • Third, there is an inherently hidden or unseen domain of reality. The hidden is causally related to the manifest in the same way that energy relates to matter [e=mc2]. As above, so below.

  • Fourth, the more inclusive a thinker’s consciousness, the greater and more effective capacity to scientifically experiment in the hidden domain of reality. Similar to institutions of higher learning that confer “philosophy doctorates,” successful and validated experimentation in the hidden domain of reality grants mastery degrees of wisdom.

  • Fifth, the art and science of healing already exists. Its scientific principles are being safeguarded by wise scholars to prevent misappropriation and misuse for selfish purposes.

  • Sixth, for the first time in recent history, the original principles and practices of the science of healing have been partially revealed in book form to the general public. The textbook, entitled ESOTERIC HEALING, was authored by Djwhual Khul, the Tibetan Master, and penned by Alice A. Bailey (Lucis Trust Publishing Co., 1953).

  • Seventh, these premises are either true or false. It is up to the earnest reader to discern their validity, actual or potential, according to the reader’s best judgement.

If these premises are accepted, at least as working hypotheses, we may then proceed to consider the principles underlying esoteric healing as practiced and taught by graduates of the School of Wisdom on Earth.

In a later volume, the author will attempt to provide a current evidence-based approach to the subject. Simplicity is our goal. The reader is invited and encouraged to consult the original textbook to obtain further details.

The author of this guide, who does not have or claim access to secret or unpublished information related to this subject, is solely responsible for his interpretation of and punctuation added to the original text.