Chapter 6 Healing Techniques

All training encompasses the stages of theory, reaction (experimentation and experience) and expression. It takes the dedicated life and the illumined mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed in the original textbook. Would-be healers are encouraged to learn by (intuitive) absorption more than by (logical) analysis. Two great streams of energy permeate and animate the human frame: the life stream and the consciousness stream. One works through the nervous system (consciousness) and the other through the blood stream (life).

Initiate-healers have to learn to work with the life principle, and not with some vague energy which is set in motion by the power of thought or by the potency of love. This life principle is contacted and set in motion by the mode of clearing certain etheric channels within the etheric structure which underlies every part of the patient’s body; that is, by directing streams of energy, via certain centers, and thus affecting certain glands in the area of the physical body which is diseased.

The endocrine glands constitute an interlinking and interlocking directorate of vital importance, linked and united, animated and directed by the seven etheric centers. These glands are direct precipitations of the seven types of pranic or life energy flowing through the seven etheric centers, and are the ultimate intermediaries between the healer and the patient. The initiate-healer does not work with the consciousness aspect; the true healer works entirely with the life aspect. There are two general modes of esoteric healing: radiatory and magnetic. Both use the fundamental methods of vitalization and devitalization to counterbalance the excess or lack of energy in the centers.

It will be apparent, therefore, that much must be known of the effects of these two basic and different modes of healing before a healer dare work. Specifically, the laying on of hands, as in magnetic healing, should be reserved for individually trained (and licensed) healers. This is so because the amount of energy conducted by direct hand contact, even if etheric only, may prove to be more immediately and irrevocably dangerous to the patient.

6.1 Second Ray Technique

The Second Ray Technique of Healing

“Let the healing energy descend, carrying its dual lines of life and its magnetic force. Let that magnetic living force withdraw and supplement that which is present in the seventh, opposing four and six to three and seven, but dealing not with five. The circular, inclusive vortex—descending to the point—disturbs, removes and then supplies and thus the work is done.

“The heart revolves; two hearts revolve as one; the twelve within the vehicle, the twelve within the head and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavor, cooperate as one and thus the work is done. Two energies achieve this consummation and the three whose number is a twelve respond to the greater twelve. The life is known and the years prolonged.”

Esoteric Healing
Vocalist: Carol Merrifield

6.2 Magnetic Healing

In magnetic healing, the healer, or healing group, does two things (in absolute silence): i) to attract to the healing center that type of energy which will counteract the disease, and ii) to attract and absorb those forces which are producing the disease, drawing it forth from the patient. The patient’s physical body is the objective of the healing art and the healer works with the prana or vital planetary fluid (animal magnetism) in close cooperation with the patient’s physician or surgeon. From the healer’s perspective, the technique can be depicted in the following diagram:

Esoteric Healing

There are two ways to use the hands.

  • First, laying on of hands upon the patient’s physical body (healers on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th rays): the right hand is laid upon the spinal center and the left hand over the troubled area for as long as the healer can hold the (open) triangle of soul, heart and brain clearly in consciousness while energy flows between the two hands, back and forth within the diseased area. The result, if successful, is to burn up and absorb the forces causing the trouble without penetrating the body of the healer.

  • Second, the use of hands in action or hand immersion in the etheric body of the patient [healers on the 1st, 4th and 7th rays]: creating a circulation of energy through the center in the patient’s body controlling the distressed area, and thence outwards through that area to the healer’s hands. The right hand is used first but both hands are positive while the discordant forces are withdrawn by the action of the energy passing through the hands, applied one after the other in a regular time rhythm. The discordant forces causing trouble pass through the hands, but are unable to focus themselves there, owing to the concentration of positive healing energies within the hands.Once the healing work is completed, the healer withdraws the energy from the hands to the brain, sealing the triangle back to the soul.

In 1987, an illustrated manual on some practical aspects of magnetic healing, Hands of Light, was written by Barbara A. Brennan in collaboration with a healing deva. It is recommended reading for those wishing to further explore the subject of magnetic healing.

6.3 Radiatory Healing

In radiatory healing, the healer simply gathers the power of the light of the soul and then radiates it out to the patient in the form of a steadily radiant stream of energy. The introductory radiatory healing technique included in this study guide illustrates this modality.

The more advanced healer, though, achieves magnetic purity through purity of life, attaining that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every healer when the centers in the head have been linked.

Esoteric Healing

Through visualization and the use of the creative imagination:

    1. the attention is creatively placed on the Head-Ajna-Alta Major centers triangle,
    1. the magnetic field of the Pineal-Pituitary-Carotid glands triangle is spiritually vitalized generating radiance, and
    1. the vital radiance is then distributed and directed correctly by the Ajna, the left eye and the right eye triangle.

When this magnetic field is established, then radiation using a more advanced healing technique can go forth. The healer may then either:

    1. pour energy into the center in trouble, or
    1. stimulate a corresponding higher center so that by the intensification of the higher the vitality of the lower is reduced, or
    1. synchronize the center in trouble with his/her corresponding center until an equilibrium is attained.
Esoteric Healing

In radiatory healing the patient’s soul feels the effect of the healing energy and the healer works with soul energy. The healer, either standing at that side of the patient in which the trouble is located (easier way) or, if the patient’s vitality is strong enough, standing behind while the patient lie on the side (or at the patient’s head, if advanced), radiates soul energy to the center(s) needed. The healer must on no account touch the patient.

6.4 Introductory Technique

Radiatory Healing
(a Second Ray method of making sound from within)

  1. Group consciousness. By an act of will, use the imagination to:
    1. align with the soul (the realm of the “within”),
    1. link as a soul with the souls of other healers, as well as with their minds and emotions. Then, forgetting about the group relation, concentrate upon the work to be done.
  1. Focusing the Force of Love. The healer:
    1. individually links his/her soul and brain,
    1. gathers all the forces of love within his/her aura, and
    1. focuses these forces within the head as a radiant center of energy, a point of vivid light.
  1. Dedication. The healer visualizes moving lines of LIVING LIGHT SUBSTANCE linking him/her to other healers and to the patient. As the healer sees this living light of love projecting from his/her Ajna center to the heart of the group (made up of the collective heart centers of all healers) and to the patient, the healing group says:


  1. Concentration. The healer:
    1. briefly directs his/her thoughts to the patient and to his/her illness;
    1. leaves the group, the patient and the illness in the background of his/ her mind; and
    1. concentrates upon the Force of Love.
  1. Radiation. The healer:
    1. feels deep love pouring in;
    1. holds his/her hands six inches away from the face, palms outwards;
    1. sends the substantial light of love as a stream of radiant light from the Ajna center and directs it through the medium of his/her hands to the patient (actually sensing the patient receiving it). As the healer does this, s/he says in a low voice, slowly and deliberately, believing in the results:


[No thought-power or will-power should enter into the sounding stream of healing energy, but only a radiating vortex of love from the “twelve within.”]