Chapter 7 The speaking brain: Introduction

The next sections will introduce the Neuroscience of Language Production to the reader, organised by method. The beginning of each section gives a brief explanation about the methodology itself, which should suffice for the reader to comprehend the content of the section.

Exercise 7.1 Think of reasons why research on language production in relation to the brain is less common than comprehension research.

7.1 A brief note on anatomy

Figure 7.1 shows the anatomical locations of regions that will be important for the “Speaking Brain” sections.

Anatomical regions relevant for language production.

Figure 7.1: Anatomical regions relevant for language production.

Following Indefrey and Levelt (2004), the temporal lobe will be divided into anterior, mid, and posterior portions whenever possible.

7.2 Useful resources

The following resources can be useful for learning more about anatomy:
From the teaching website of the Anatomy & Neurosciences department, AmsterdamUMC
From the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Indefrey, Peter, and W. J. M. Levelt. 2004. “The Spatial and Temporal Signatures of Word Production Components.” Cognition 92 (1-2): 101–44.