4 PraatSauce

PraatSauce is a set of Praat Scripts written by James Kirby designed to facilitate extraction of spectral measures from acoustic data.

Christian and Thea gave an overview of voice quality considerations cross-linguistically and in clinical populations. We briefly discussed the two papers below. Christian gave an “unboxing” demo of PraatSauce and then he and Thea demo’d it on their own data. The video of this workshop only includes the PraatSauce demo.

4.1 Demo video

4.2 Voice quality presentations

Note: If you want to be able to hear the audio clips used in Christian’s presentation, you’ll need a copy of the Voice_quality_presentation folder from Box.

4.3 Papers for discussion

  1. Brunelle et al., 2020
  2. Kirby & Hyslop, 2019