Spring 2021 Topics: Praat Scripting Workshops

Our workshops concluded on April 28, 2021. Thanks to everyone who participated this spring!

The overall purpose of this group is for members and friends of the CASA Lab to learn basic coding skills that are helpful for speech analysis. The languages/environments we will learn will usually be R and Praat, though we may extend to include other languages over time. Many of the skills we will work on will be directly applicable to projects in the CASA Lab, but the hope is that you will gain skills that you will find personally valuable as well for your own work. This is designed to be an informal, low-stakes, hands-on group to help us all learn in a fun, supportive environment.


Interested in joining the group?

  • Preferred method: Join our Slack channel, which we will use as a chat forum and say hi!
  • Backup method: Send an email to the Thea Knowles. Please try to use Slack for most of our communication and rely on email only if you are having trouble accessing Slack.


  • Join our Slack channel: We will use Slack to communicate/ask questions about workshops/etc.
  • Access our shared UB Box folder: This is where we will share materials
  • Have Praat installed on your computer
  • If you have never done any Praat scripting before, read the Introduction, Session 1 (“Script Editor…”) and 2 ("Syntactic Structure) from the Phonetics on Speed Praat Scripting Tutorial
  • If you have some Praat scripting experience feel free to review the tutorial above but no additional work is required.

Skills you may expect to gain

Spring 2021: Praat scripting workshops

  • Why scripting can be useful for automating repetitive tasks in Praat
  • Basic scripting skills and (possibly opinionated) best practices
  • How to use Praat to query and manage files in a directory (Workshop 1)
  • How to use TextGrids and query information from them (Workshop 2)
  • How to extract acoustic information from an audio file and accompanying TextGrid (Workshop 3)