9 Week #7: May 11-17

9.1 Class #21 (Mon. May 11)

Monday’s videos were combined with last Friday’s videos so no new videos to see.

If you missed the Review & Q/A session you can watch it below:

Quiz 2 Review & Q/A Session

9.2 Class #22 (Wednes. May 13)

Quiz 2 Quiz 2 will be available from 6 am until 11:59 pm. It will be given via ExamSoft. If you would like to see the exam instructions, please click here.

9.3 Class #23 (Fri. May 15)

Financing Real Property Purchases– Part I

Icon of person reading VIEW: & Do DO: Financing Real Property Purchases Take your time going through this video. It is not long, but make sure you understand the differences between the various types of security instruments. Pause the video if you need to take notes.

Video length: 24 mins.

Questions: 1

Due Sunday, May 17 by 11:59 pm.

Estimated Time to Complete: 35 mins.