5 Week #3

5.1 Class #6 (Mon.)

Those 2 extra hours of work you completed for Class #5 roll over so you don’t have to complete extra work for Class #6.

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5.2 Class #7 (Wednes.)

Do DO: Your workbook is great for all the practice problems it has, but it throws you into the problems without giving you background information. So, we will be using CALI lessons to supplement the workbook. Sadly, they don’t have video or audio, but they do have a lot of practice questions! Note: Sometimes to progress in a lesson on CALI, you have to click on the table of contents on the left hand side of the screen.

This week I will create videos to answer any questions that you might have about the concepts presented, so we can focus our efforts on unpacking what might be confusing as opposed to representing everything that is in these lessons. So, keep track of any questions you have and post them in the Teams Channel titled, “Future Interests Questions”.

Please complete the following CALI lessions:

  1. Basic Future Interests: The Concept of “Future Interest” 20 mins

  2. Basic Future Interests: The Defeasible Estates and Their Future Interests 20 mins

  3. Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple Determinable and Possibilities of Reverter 20 mins.

  4. Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple on Condition Subsequent and Rights of Re-entry 25 mins.

  5. Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple On Executory Limitation and Executory Interests 25 mins.

  6. Lesson 6: Basic Future Interests: Reversions 30 mins.

Due Thursday, April 16 by 11:59 pm.

5.3 Class #8 (Fri.)

Do DO: Let’s finish these CALI lessions on Future Interests.

  1. Basic Future Interests:Remainders 15 mins

  2. Basic Future Interests: Kinds of Vested and Contingent Remainders 30 mins

  3. Basic Future Interests: Executory Interests 30 mins

  4. Basic Future Interests: Identifying Remainders and Executory Interests 30 mins

Due Friday, April 17 by 11:59 pm.

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