1 Before the First Class

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Icon of person reading VIEW: This welcome video.

Icon of person readingREAD: Read the course syllabus.

DoDO: Let’s play a game to see how closely you read the syllabus! Click here. Make sure to type your name so I know that you played it! You get credit just for trying.

After you have completed the challenge above, give me your thoughts on Kahoots, the gamification software that your game was hosted in. Complete this poll by clicking here.

Due Wednesday April 1 by 11 pm.

Interact IconINTERACT: I have added you all to a Google Group. If you have not received an invitation, please let me know as soon as possible.

(Optional)If you have any general questions for your instructor about your syllabus or course policies, please post them in the syllabus and course policies discussion board here. I will respond to these questions in the discussion board or, if the question warrants a lengthy discussion, I will answer it in Friday’s Q/A session (see [Week #1: Class 1] for details).