Chapter 2 Introduction

The refresher course consists of ten chapters:

  1. Set Theory
  2. Mathematical Operations
  3. Equations & Inequalities
  4. Functions & Graphs
  5. Statistical Operations
  6. The Language of Statistics
  7. Working with Numbers, and Data Display
  8. The Normal Distribution
  9. Central Tendency
  10. Variability

This first five chapters of this refresher course are based on:

Franken, W.M. & Bouts, R.A. (2002). Wiskunde voor statistiek: Een voorbereiding. Bussum, Netherlands: Uitgeverij Coutinho

Chapter 6 to 10 are based on:

Landers, R.N. (2019). A Step-by-Step Introduction to Statistics for Business. Sage Publications

The module illustrates all topics discussed the textbook, and shows how they can be implemented in R.

On the fly, you will learn many of the basic functions of R, and functions in handy R packages.