Chapter 5 User Evaluation

– User experience evaluation (UXE) or user experience assessment (UXA) refers to a collection of methods, skills and tools utilized to uncover how a person perceives a system (product, service, non-commercial item, or a combination of them) before, during and after interacting with it.

– We would like to reach out to the Tennis enthusiast in the form of survey using social media. This will play as an essential part for any future work to improve the quality of the application.

– The primary goal of the dashboard is to explain how the user may benefit from our system. As the User experience is pretty significant for success of any application, we would like to reach out to the individuals irrespective of their knowledge on GrandSlam. Keeping this thing is mind, the APP should be simple yet useful to draw insight. The evaluation ideally should consider whether the product meets the specific requirement of the user but that alone is not sufficient. The product must be effective, efficient and server purpose before it will be adopted by the final user.

– Here we have analyzed the usability of this design and made enhancements in areas which can be useful
1. The timing of refresh rate of the visual
2. Use of the rerun button
3. Automation testing setup and execution to ensure the app is working after every deployment