15 Other Resources

This book should give you a decent introduction to the basics of R, and give you a taste of the more involved applications the technology can tackle. But there are plenty of things I didn’t bother tackling, and plenty of topics we barely brushed on. Below are links to other resources which may help you further your learning, once you have the basics from this course. All of these resources are free-as-in-beer - the links will go to the full, open-access text.


  • R Cheatsheets contain information-dense infographics for many of the packages we’ve used in this course, and plenty other useful tools you may need in your own work.


These links go to other courses on R and related topics. Note that most of the packages we use were developed c. 2017 - courses older than that probably use different methods to do the same tasks, as a result.


  • R for Data Science covers many of the same topics we’ve touched on in this course, but is structured differently and may explain some points better than I have or chose to do.
  • Introduction to Statistical Learning provides a much more thorough introduction to machine learning methods than our brief overview.
  • Text Mining with R serves as an introduction to text-based analyses (such as sentiment analysis and n-grams).
  • Hands-on Programming with R by Garrett Grolemund approaches R from a more coding-oriented perspective, as opposed to our output-focused method. Some parts of the subject are already well-covered in this course, while others - the sections on objects and environments, for instance - we barely touch on.
  • Advanced R by Hadley Wickham similarly addresses many coding-focused aspects of R that we’ve glossed over in this course. This book might be a bit harder to get started with, but will make you a better programmer.
  • The R Inferno by Patrick Burns provides a humorous look at many of the most common mistakes made by R users.
  • The R Markdown Textbook by Yihui Xie provides a comprehensive overview of writing markdown documents.
  • The bookdown textbook by Yihui Xie gives you all the information you need to start putting together your own book documents.
  • The blogdown book by Yihui Xie will get your website up and running in no time at all.
  • Pro Git covers a lot of the basics of Git itself, in case you have a need to move beyond depending upon Github.
  • [Git Guide] by Karl Broman offers a minimalist tutorial to the basics of Git.

Graphing Aids

  • ColorSupply is a helpful tool for selecting colors
  • ColorBrewer.org lets you see all the palettes available in the RColorBrewer package