17 Changelog

17.1 Version 0.3.1

Released 2019-07-14

  • Line edits for chapters 1, 2, 3 (and introduction)
  • Small edit to cowplot discussion in order to adapt to 1.0.0 release

17.2 Version 0.3.0

Released 2019-06-20

  • Split chapter 3 into two (Workflow/Wrangling), because those are different topics and these aren’t course notes anymore, so relatedness matters more than each unit being similar length. That said, I want the Workflow chapter to be longer or rolled into another unit, so we’ll see how that lasts.
  • Restructured chapters on Wrangling, EDA, and “More Complex Analyses” to now more tighly match the data analysis pipeline model - now form the Wrangling-EDA-Model chapters.
  • Reordered chapters - stats to the end as a glossary, and others shifted to make room for the pipeline model in the middle.
  • Edits to chapter 3 (Workflow). This chapter is such a nub, I want to roll it into something else - but it shouldn’t be earlier and doesn’t make sense to be later, so.
  • Edits to chapter 4 (Wrangling), basically stealing all of chapter 3
  • Edits to chapter 5 (EDA), calming it down somewhat
  • Edits to chapter 6 (Modeling), which basically rewrote the thing
  • Slowly changing some just bizarre markdown syntax I was using (three graves for in-line code, for instance)
  • Added parts worth saving of cut chapters into chapter 6. I’m planning on retooling this entire chapter - making it an introduction to modeling concepts.
  • Changed file names for pretty much every chapter; whoops.
  • Introduced a lot of redundancy into chapter 9 (more complicated analysis), which I want to reformulate to be more of a self-guided lab
  • In related news, moved myself to Boston and relocated most of my hours to a new company, so the book is happening slightly slower now

17.3 Version 0.2.0

Released 2019-04-01 (no joke!)

  • Added “State of the Book” disclaimer to the introduction, as changes are being made
  • Changed references to “course” and “reader” to “book”, reflecting new purpose of document
  • Deleted 12: Machine Learning and 11: Specialized Applications, with intents to roll the relevant pieces into EDA and MCA
  • Split chapter 1 into two (Introduction/Data Viz) due to length; this made every chapter number change
  • Edits to chapter 1, chapter 2

17.4 Version 0.1.0

This is the build I started tracking changes from, last updated 2019-01-24. At this point, the book had 12 chapters, as well as an FAQ and list of resources.