Chapter 2 Introduction

2.1 What is the aim of this guide?

This guide aims to help the reader from the ground up: from the foundational mechanics of World of Warcraft (WoW) combat, to an in-depth overview of warrior abilities and their utilization, to cooldown management, raid consumables, and finally how to analyze parses and learn from your own mistakes.

2.2 What is NOT the aim of this guide

DPS simulations will not be covered. There are several reasons for this, but the most important being that there are incredible, well maintained resources currently available for that exact purpose. Notable mentions include Steppenwolf’s Classic Warrior Spreadsheet (Steppenwolf 2019), Aurana’s Classic Warrior Fury DPS Simulator (Aurana 2019), Rafael Pimpa’s Furysim (Pimpa 2019) and Guybrush’s WarriorSim (Guybrush-Golemagg 2019).

In the same vein, questions on how to (specifically) gear will not be covered in this guide. This is because gearing is highly contextual - answering questions such as “What is better, Black Dragonscale 3set or Devilsaur Set with Truestrike Shoulders?” is impossible without knowing the rest of your gear and race. Therefore, when this guide makes recommendations, please be aware that exceptions do exist, but are rare. By the end, I hope the reader is knowledgeable enough about the base mechanics to critically assess and reason any gearing questions that he or she may have.

2.3 Donations

Donations are not required by any means, but if you want to support the continuous development of the guide you can do so by clicking the link.


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