This is an experiment in running some short, informal training sessions to get people started with a programming approach to data management and analysis. We’ll be using R, but a lot of the concepts in R will transfer to other software.

There may also be some room to include some info about basic web design or other related topics - some of this can be done through R, and more info can be provided if needed.

Training will be pitched at the beginner level - you don’t need to know the difference between a CSS and a CSV file to get started.

I’ll run short lunchtime sessions, working through each topic at a relaxed pace with plenty of time for questions.

What to bring:

  • Your fancy new laptop: these will be practical, hands-on sessions.
  • Your lunch: don’t skip food in favour of programming.

Please join us for the first session: Getting Started With R

Can’t attend?

Material that I put together for these sessions will be added to this blog, which will hopefully grow into a useful resource as the sessions continue.