This is my E-version notes of the classical inference class in UCSC by Prof. Bruno Sanso, Winter 2020. This notes will mainly contain lecture notes, relevant extra materials (proofs, examples, etc.), as well as solution to selected problems, in my style. The notes will be ordered by time. The goal is to summarize all relevant materials and make them easily accessible in future.

The textbook that we used is Casella \(\&\) Berger’s famous book: Classical Inference, Second Edition. Most of the materials in this notes is from the textbook, although extending matrials will be added with reference. For more information about this class, one may refer to the UCSC course website.

Since we are a Bayesian statistics department, classical inference is not treated that serious here. A lot of technical proofs are not required, which I find it’s interesting to know. Therefore, I will try to include other relevant materials as much as possible.

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Jizhou Kang