Predictive Model

Notes for Predictive Modeling

by Eduardo García Portugués

Notes for Predictive Modeling

Notes for Predictive Modeling. MSc in Big Data Analytics. Carlos III University of Madrid. […] Welcome to the notes for Predictive Modeling for the course 2018⁄2019. The subject is part of the MSc in Big Data Analytics from Carlos III University of Madrid. The course is designed to have, roughly, one lesson per each main topic in the syllabus. The schedule is tight due to time constraints, which will inevitably make the treatment of certain methods a little superficial compared with what it would be the optimal. Nevertheless, the course will hopefully give you a respectable panoramic … Read more →


Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models

by Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson


Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models […] Notes to readers: A note to readers: this text is a work in progress. It will eventually be published in this format as well as a more traditional physical medium by Chapman & Hall/CRC. Chapters 1 through 8 have been completed (pending more comments) and the rest are being constructed as you read this. We’ve released this initial version to get more feedback beyond what our excellent reviewers and editor have already provided. Feedback can be given at the GitHub repo … Read more →


Data Science Live Book

by Pablo Casas

Data Science Live Book

An intuitive and practical approach to data analysis, data preparation and machine learning, suitable for all ages! […] This book is now available at Amazon. Check it out! 📗 🚀. Link to the black & white version, also available on full-color. It can be shipped to over 100 countries. 🌎 The book will facilitate the understanding of common issues when data analysis and machine learning are done. Building a predictive model is as difficult as one line of R code: That’s it. But, data has its dirtiness in practice. We need to sculp it, just like an artist does, to expose its information in order … Read more →