Predictive Model

Notes for Predictive Modeling

by Eduardo García-Portugués

Notes for Predictive Modeling

Notes for Predictive Modeling. MSc in Big Data Analytics. Carlos III University of Madrid. [...] Welcome to the notes for Predictive Modeling. The course is part of the MSc in Big Data Analytics from Carlos III University of Madrid. The course is designed to have, roughly, one session per main topic in the syllabus. The schedule is tight due to time constraints, which will inevitably make the treatment of certain methods somehow superficial. Nevertheless, the course will hopefully give you a respectable panoramic view of different available statistical methods for predictive modeling. ... Read more →


Species-Habitat Associations: Spatial data, predictive models, and ecological insights

by Jason Matthiopoulos, John Fieberg, Geert Aarts


This book will describe methods for linking organisms to their habitat […] … Read more →


Data Analytics with R

by Brian Machut, Nathan Cornwell

Data Analytics with R

This module will teach the basics of data analytics using R. […] Welcome to the University of Minnesota’s Data Analytics with R module - presented by Optum. In this module, you will perform a case study designed to replicate a real-world analytics process that you may encounter in your future career as an actuary or data analyst. The module will be broken down into 7 chapters that you will complete over the course of 4 class periods (roughly 2 weeks time). As you work through the chapters, you will learn how to import data, summarize and visual data, create a predictive model, and interpret … Read more →


Predictive Models of English Premier League Goal Scoring

by An Honors Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduating with Departmental Honors in Mathematics


Predictive Models of English Premier League Goal Scoring […] The English Premier League is well-known for being not only one of the most-watched football leagues in the world but also one of the toughest competitions to predict. The purpose of this research project was to look at goal scoring data of the English Premier League and use statistical modeling to predict Premier League match results. This research will attempt to determine whether goal scoring in the Premier League can be modeled by a Poisson process, specifically, the relationships between the number of goals and the Poisson … Read more →

4 Overview

by exampatutor

2020-01-06 Overview […] The video solution to the June 2019 Exam PA. Here you can see the project statement for a practice exam which is in the format of a real exam. Cheat Sheet Sample Sign up Sam Castillo is a predictive modeler at Milliman in Chicago, maintains a blog about the future of risk, and won the 2019 SOA Predictive Analytics and Fururism’s Jupyter contest. Contact: … Read more →


Men’s U-Sports Basketball Analysis

by Michael Armanious


Sports Analytics […] Statistics in sports is a growing field in research that provides specialized methodology for collecting and analyzing sports data in order to make decisions for successful planning and implementation of new strategies [1]. Sports, particularly, have countless and ever-expanding data sources that can be used by analysts in order to extract objective information for use in aspects such as making predictions throughout seasons and enhancements in team and player performance. Broadly, Sports Analysis is described as the process of data management, predictive model … Read more →


Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models

by Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson


A primary goal of predictive modeling is to find a reliable and effective predic- tive relationship between an available set of features and an outcome. This book provides an extensive set of techniques for uncovering effective representations of the features for modeling the outcome and for finding an optimal subset of features to improve a model’s predictive performance. […] A note about this on-line text: This book is sold by Taylor & Francis Group, who owns the copyright. We will be updating this version as we find errors or typos (see the Errata). The physical copies are sold by Amazon … Read more →


Data Science Live Book

by Pablo Casas

Data Science Live Book

An intuitive and practical approach to data analysis, data preparation and machine learning, suitable for all ages! […] This book is now available at Amazon. Check it out! 📗 🚀. Link to the black & white version, also available on full-color. It can be shipped to over 100 countries. 🌎 The book will facilitate the understanding of common issues when data analysis and machine learning are done. Building a predictive model is as difficult as one line of R code: That’s it. But, data has its dirtiness in practice. We need to sculp it, just like an artist does, to expose its information in order … Read more →