1 Features

  • This consise, 150-page study manual
  • Three original practice exams
  • Video solutions for the SOA’s three practice exams
  • Video solution for December 2019 (As soon as it’s released)
  • A private discussion forum
  • Cheat sheets
  • Pass Guarantee: Pass in June or get the next 7 months free

1.1 Content samples

1.1.1 Videos

The video solution to the June 2019 Exam PA.

1.1.2 An original practice exam project statment

Here you can see the project statement for a practice exam which is in the format of a real exam.

1.1.3 Cheat sheets

Cheat Sheet Sample

1.2 About the author

Sam Castillo is a predictive modeler at Milliman in Chicago, maintains a blog about the future of risk, and won the 2019 SOA Predictive Analytics and Fururism’s Jupyter contest.