Chapter 7 Funding

Funding for the lab currently comes from Dr. Rivera-Mariani’s grants. If you need to buy something, or have to charge a grant for something, let Dr. Rivera-Mariani know and he will oversee the process.

At some point, you will likely be asked to provide a figure or two for a grant(s) Dr. Rivera-Mariani is writing, and/or provide feedback on the grant. Each RIPLRT member is entitled to read any grant Dr. Rivera has submitted, whether it is ultimately funded or not: all grant documentations, similarly to everything else in RIPLRT, is available intra-lab within our Google Drive. Aside from being a good opportunity to learn how grants are written, this will also allow us to see his vision for the lab in the years ahead. Feel free to ask Dr. Rivera-Mariani to see any of his grants: remember that everything is available in our team drive.