Before we proceed further with the contents in the lab manual, we would like to acknowledge the following people who contributed to elaboration and maintenance of this RIPLRT Lab Manual:

  • Past Members of the RIPLRT: Ariel Stateman, Shandra Bellinger, Hayat Srour, Ruslan Fomenko, Summer Pellechio, Sukeina Nasser and Josh Baguley, who contributed heavily to the initial steps of the RIPLRT Lab Manual.
  • Current Members of the RIPLRT: Thanks to the current members of the RIPLRT ( who are contributing update iterations of the RIPLRT Lab Manual.
  • The AlyLab for sharing, in a recent publication (Aly et al. 2017) in Nature News and Comments, the idea and benefits of having a lab manual.
  • My writing group within the University of Arizona PRIDE-AIRE 2019 program, Drs. Maria Coutinho and Mariam BA from Brown University and University of Nevada-Reno, respectively; and our writing mentor Dr. Karen Barto, from the University of Arizona, for their contribution in revising sections of this lab manual.

Now, let’s get back to the lab manual!