Chapter 7 Troubleshooting

7.1 Struggles

If you struggle, the best place to start is to read first this bookdown and try to reproduce each steps with the data provided in the package before moving on to use your own data.

The documentation present in the package should also help covering complex cases since it is more detailed when it comes to how to use each specific function.

If you still struggle after that, register to our Google group (a mailing list) and then simply write to us.

If you want to contact us in confidence, just write to the email address provided when typing maintainer(pkg = "IsoriX").

You may also consider joining the Summer School on Stable Isotopes in Animal Ecology organised by Christian Voigt and colleagues at the Leibniz IZW in Berlin. The summer school covers IsoriX as well as many other topics related to using isotopes. More info should be available here.

7.2 Bugs

Please leave us an issue on GitHub.

7.3 Feature requests

We are aware that IsoriX is still missing a lot of key functions and we do what we can to fill the gaps progressively.

If you badly need something that is not there, please detail your feature request as an issue on GitHub. Note that there is very little (wo)man power behind the development of IsoriX, so please understand that we cannot implement everyone’s desire into code.

For those who are willing to help us improving IsoriX, please check chapter 8.