This book intends to explain different models for inventory control, as well as the use of the InvControl package. According to a classification made, mainly based on the type of demand and the review system of a specific situation, it is possible to use one of these models.

Some of the packages that already exist in the R programming environment (e.g. SCperf (Marchena (2018)) and Inventorymodel (Nieves (2017))) contain simple inventory control models that probably do not consider many modifications that specific cases may have. Different models that consider the modified situations that may exist can be very useful to encourage inventory control, considering the benefits that this brings. For this reason, by means of this degree project a useful, easy and intuitive tool will be created using RStudio software, with a package that will contain different classic and modified inventory control models.

This degree project proposes the development of different functions in the R programming language so that it forms a package of inventory control models (InvControl) for the easy and intuitive use for people who require it. In addition, based on the functions created, it is created this virtual book using RMarkdown, a language for writing text with R code insertions, for the explanation of the different inventory control models and their respective functions in the InvControl package. In addition, a graphical interface was implemented to facilitate interaction between the InvControl package and the person using it.


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