Round 6

Results Table

Game of the Week

Sunderland 2 v 3 Crystal Palace

  • Two teams unlikely to feature regularly in this section but another exciting finale in a Palace game. They have now secured three points from games in which they have scored in injury time

  • Palace score 9 goals in three consecutive games for first time in their Premier league history and are in their highest position (7th) after six games

  • Since Defoe joined Sunderland, he accounts for 35% of the team’s goals. Only Kane(37%) at Tottenham has a higher proportion for clubs that have been in the top tier ever since then

Biggest Upset

Arsenal 3 - 0 Chelsea

With Chelsea unbeaten in the previous nine league head to head encounters this was something of a surprise, equalling their biggest ever triumph over their rivals in the Premier League

However, as can be seen, Arsenal had an even longer period of dominance; at one stage going 19 games without a loss - although all but two were ties or single goal victories

Chart of Week

Picking on West Ham again, I know, but the turnaround from arguably their best-ever PL season is worth noting. Their fifth defeat has come after only six games, contrasting with the record 22 games it took to lose so many last campaign

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