Round 4

Results Table

Game of the Week

Manchester United 1 v 2 Manchester City

  • A game pretty much decided before kick-off. Changing a 100% winning team by dropping Mata - who has 4 three-assist PL games to his credit - for Lingard - who has a career total of 3 - was just bizarre

  • Both the starting lineups and the bench fees were the highest ever viewed for a Premier League game

Biggest Upset

West Ham 2 - 4 Watford

Particularly given that West Ham were two up at the 40 minute mark.
Having said that, West Ham do lead the premier League in number of times they have conceded 4 or more at home. This was the 23rd occurrence and the only points they have garnered in these games were in a 5-4 victory over Bradford in 2000

Chart of Week

Harry Kane reached the 50 goal mark with his first goal this season. Taking just 90 appearances, he is one of the quickest to do so but he started at a later age than many other prolific strikers

Only time will tell whether he will last better than Owen and Fowler - who were effectively finished soon after turning 30 - or move abroad, admittedly a less-likely eventuality than Cristiano Ronaldo’s fate

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